Resident of Millcroft Living in Newark Enjoys the ‘Cadillac’ of Apartments

September 15, 2023 | News | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

Special $6,000 Incentive on Two-Bedroom Apartments

“It’s the Cadillac of apartments,” said Nancy Davis. A resident of Millcroft Living in Newark, Delaware, Nancy said her apartment home is beautiful, spacious, and ideally situated near the senior living community’s patio.

Furthermore, she said, it’s one of a limited number of two-bedroom floorplans, a feature she loves. 

Davis, who has lived at Millcroft Living for 15 years, said she moved from a 15-room house. “I was used to a lot of space, so the two-bedroom seemed like a good idea. I’ve been thankful and grateful ever since,” she said, adding that the extra bedroom has gotten a lot of use.

“I sleep in the master bedroom,” Nancy said. The other bedroom is used for her volunteer initiative at Millcroft Living. “Shortly after moving in, I got involved with Millcroft’s gift shop, an on-site resale store. My spare room has bins full of items given to me daily for the shop, bins and bins of items that I sell. The room provides extra space for me to keep things.”

Nancy said she has a large family and can accommodate several guests to spend the night because of her extra space.

Running the gift shop is a labor of love for Nancy. Everything sold, she said, is donated by residents, family members and staff. “I have everything from soup to nuts to sell, and I keep the prices low. I decorate the shop seasonally. It’s on a main walkway, so people pass it by all the time.”  

Proceeds from sales at the shop, are used to pay for extra programs or trips for the residents. “We went on an outing lately and were able to pay for a paddle boat ride,” she said.

Nancy runs the shop by herself because she enjoys it. “I’m a people person; I like to talk, learn, and get to know new people. It’s been good for me mentally and physically. Everybody needs to be motivated, and that’s what this does for me,” she said.

Millcroft Living has renovated and updated their available 2-bedroom apartments with new kitchens, flooring and finishes. Millcroft Living is offering a $6,000 incentive for its two-bedroom apartments until October 31st. For additional information, call 302-366-0160.