Newly Promoted Regional Clinical Nurse Specialist with Life Care Services

February 01, 2022 | News | Reading Time 3:00 Minutes

Jonathan Back is Regional Clinical Nurse Specialist with LCS.

Charged with providing clinical support and training to the Directors of Nursing 

He says it’s because he’s a nerd, but others would argue it’s because he is passionate about learning, leading, and improving. Jonathan Back, the newly promoted Regional Clinical Nurse Specialist with Life Care Services (LCS), has more post-nominal letters than the alphabet. If you include his several career paths, his name is professionally followed by MBA-HCA, MMIN, BBS, BSN, RN, NEA-BC, CSC, LT, CHC, USN, acknowledging his vast collection of degrees, certifications, and accomplishments.

In his new role, Back is charged with providing clinical support and training to the Directors of Nursing at three senior living communities in Delaware: Shipley Living and Foulk Living in Wilmington, and Millcroft in Newark. LCS, which is among the largest senior living management organizations in the country, has recently started overseeing the communities and is focused on ensuring that the healthcare centers provide high-quality care and maintain and exceed regulatory compliance.

“LCS’s clinical systems, processes, and policies are the best in the country, and we’re looking forward to implementing them at these three communities under Jon’s leadership,” said Bruce Blalock, Executive Director of Foulk Living. “The clinical expertise that LCS brings includes policy. However, we are focused on high quality of care that can be quantified for the benefit of the residents and the families who entrust us with their loved ones.”

Back has been a nurse for 18 years, primarily working in senior living. “Jon brings a calming influence that is rooted in the LCS culture: one of compassion, but also one of excellence,” said Blalock. “He is able to convey the LCS vision of excellence by helping nursing leadership understand that the systems implemented will be a win-win for them as it helps make their job easier while providing a better outcome for residents.”

Promoted from his position as Director of Nursing at Marquette Senior Living in Indianapolis, Back said that his new role had been a long-time goal of his. “I’ve been inspired by LCS leadership who were in this regional role. Since I enjoy training, developing talent, and helping to equip others to oversee care, this seemed like a perfect career match for me,” he said.

In addition to his background in nursing and management, Back is also an ordained priest with the Anglican church. “Nursing is actually part of ministry; you care for vulnerable people and provide for them. They’re not mutually exclusive; the two vocations have never felt distinct for me. They’ve always been combined in my mind,” he said.

Additionally, Back is a lieutenant and chaplain in the US Navy Reserve. He’s served for the past three years at a local Naval Operational Support Center, where he provides counseling and runs religious services.

Back confessed that his typical workweek is seven full days. “But I do things that I love. People talk about work-life balance. My life and my work are things I’m passionate about, so as a rule, everything I’m doing is fulfilling to me. I work seven days a week, but I enjoy it.” He added, “I never had the desire to give up one of my pursuits in exchange for another. For me, it would be self-limiting. I’d rather continue to be successful in everything.”

As the Regional Clinical Nurse Specialist, Back said that he will be on the ground working every week with his three teams in Delaware. He’s excited. “LCS has a wonderful opportunity to make a very positive impact on these communities. One of the greatest strengths of LCS is the culture: it’s collaborative, educational and supportive. Everyone benefits from that kind of culture.”

“Jon is well-suited to guide the teams, which will have a positive impact on the care given to each resident. He is interactive and an assuring presence to all employees, and is a tremendous role model. His passion for resident care, communication and excellence is contagious,” concluded Blalock.