Millcroft Living in Newark Welcomes New Executive Director

June 27, 2023 | News | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

Kristopher Brown Brings Passion and Experience to Senior Living Community

He has a mantra that will guarantee his success. “My motto is that at the end of the day, we provide our residents and their families the best quality care and customer service possible.” Kristopher Brown is the new executive director of Millcroft Living senior living community in Newark, Delaware.

Kris said that his 20 years long career started with him working as a caregiver. He earned a degree in health sciences with a minor in physics and then became a certified-dementia practitioner. Kris said his dream was to attend med school to become a physician specializing in geriatrics, but he was waitlisted for admission. “Since I was determined to work with the senior population, it seemed that becoming a nursing home administrator was the next best thing.”

Passion for Working with Seniors

Working with seniors, Kris said, is a special role. “You’re a friend, a confidant, a psychologist; you’re always there for the resident. You’re a fixture in their lives, and there’s a great deal of trust. That’s why I especially love what I do,” he said.

Kris moved through the ranks of senior living, working in an assisted living and memory care setting, then a senior living community, and, most recently, as the executive director at Millcroft Living.

Strong Teamwork

Kris recalled learning about the open position at Millcroft Living. “I’d always heard about the community, so I applied,” he said. During his job interview with a leadership panel, he said, “I got a great vibe. I could sense in each and every one of them that they’re not here for the paycheck but to make a great home for the residents. The team is committed to helping residents feel like they’re at home, which is important.”

Kris has enjoyed meeting the residents at Millcroft Living. “There’s never a dull moment,” he said. “They’re appreciative of what we’re doing but will also tell me what they’d like to see changed. They gave me a lay of the land from the start; they’re not shy. We will always work hard to make them happy.” Kris concluded, “What I tell the residents is that I’m just a guest here in their home. Whatever we can do to make it great is what we’re all here for.”