Dr. Robert Brus Is Excited About Working With Support From LCS 

December 22, 2022 | News | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

With professionals at the helm and resources from a leading management company in the industry, it’s a guarantee that the residents are in the best possible hands.

Dr. Robert Brus is the medical director at Millcroft Living in Newark, and Dr. Karen McGhee is the medical director at Foulk Living and Shipley Living in Wilmington. Late last year, Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company, became the management company for the three Delaware-based senior living communities. A leader in the industry, LCS has more than 50 years of experience managing senior living communities across the country.

Both doctors have been specializing in geriatrics during their careers. A self-professed history buff, Dr. Brus says he is honored to help seniors. “They are a wealth of knowledge and experience; you can learn so much from them if you take the time to sit and ask questions,” he says, adding that he loves hearing first-hand accounts for historical events about which he’s only read.

“Working with our greatest generation has been the greatest privilege of my life,” says Dr. McGhee. “They have amazing stories and histories and are humble, kind and appreciative of all the help we’re able to provide.”

Serving in the role of medical director for the senior living communities, Dr. Brus says, “I oversee the medical care of the residents, and oversee staff to promote policies and procedures to ensure wellbeing, health and wellness.”

Dr. McGhee says, “Most importantly, I can focus on procedures to keep our residents safe and healthy. This is always our priority, and I feel it’s the greatest role as medical director.”

Drs. Brus and McGhee are both doctors of osteopathy, which brings an added benefit to their patients. Dr. Brus explains, “Osteopathic medicine adds a holistic approach to medical care. Doctors of osteopathic medicine look at the entire body; everything is connected. We’re looking at our patients as a whole which can only benefit their well-being.”

Both doctors are excited about working with the support they receive from LCS. “They are engaged and are making a significant difference in patient care,” says Dr. Brus.

“Their management has brought about an amazing change,” says Dr. McGhee. “We see the physical changes to our communities, but more importantly, we have a fantastic regional medical team supporting and guiding the nursing staff to continue to improve and be better. We are stronger today than ever and look forward to continuing to improve even further.”