New Executive Director at Foulk Living

August 25, 2022 | News | Reading Time 3:00 Minutes

Leslie Johnson is a proven and passionate leader.

She’s a proven and passionate leader who is proud always to be developing her skills and empowering her team. Leslie Johnson has brought her talents to Foulk Living in Wilmington, Delaware, where she is the new executive director of the senior living community. In that capacity, Leslie will oversee the day-to-day operations, collaborate with, and help strengthen her team, and ensure that the highest degree of resident care and services are delivered and maintained. Leslie is a resident of Wilmington.

Leslie has worked in senior living for 13 years. Having majored in dietetics in college, she started her career as a dietitian in a large healthcare system. She said her field of study had appealed to her because of the role that nutrition plays in disease management and prevention and the opportunity this provided for her to help improve others’ quality of life.

As she gained experience in the healthcare setting, Leslie said she learned more about the importance of teamwork in leading a successful operation. “I played a highly active role in the interdisciplinary care team. I had a strong clinical background and was developing the ability to understand the importance of addressing all aspects of patient care,” she said. Leslie determined that she wanted to expand her abilities in order to “make a greater impact in the overall care we provided. I also wanted to contribute to a work environment where staff feels empowered and appreciated.

“I’ve always believed that a happy staff leads to happy residents,” she said. Leslie pursued her credentials for becoming a healthcare administrator and had successful experience in that role at several different sites. At each, she said, “I grew to understand the importance of getting to know the staff and ensuring they knew the importance they each played in the success of the operation. I also learned getting to know the patients, residents, and families helped identify ways that we could improve their overall stay and the care received.”

When Leslie looked into applying for the position of executive director at Foulk Living, she was motivated by the fact that Life Care Services™ (LCS) was its new management company. LCS has over 50 years of experience managing senior living communities across the country. “Life Care Services has a history of being ranked as number one in customer satisfaction with independent senior living communities. Over the years, I have worked hard toward becoming a director of senior living to ensure quality care is provided to our residents. Working with LCS, a company that stands for exceptional senior care, makes me proud to have the opportunity to make a true impact in the care we provide our senior living community,” she said. “I am extremely excited to continue my leadership development by getting to know the community’s employees, residents, families, and leadership that make this community great!” Leslie concluded.