Foulk Living Resident Cheerleading at 18 and 81

March 22, 2022 | News | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

Grace is one of the community’s best cheerleaders as a resident.

happy with her one-bedroom cottage

When you think of a cheerleader, you may think of a perky 18-year old rallying the crowd and performing amazing, height-defying feats. Indeed, Grace Modica was a cheerleader in her youth. Now, at Foulk Living Senior Living community in Wilmington, Delaware, she is one of the community’s best cheerleaders as a resident in a one-bedroom Foulk Living cottage.

“I enjoy everything here! The staff is wonderful, and they were very caring during the pandemic. Everyone who works and lives here is down to earth and lovely,” confides Modica, who champions life in the community as well as her three adult children, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Many Wilmington natives may know Ms. Modica since she has always lived in the area and was school secretary at Brandywine Middle School and several elementary schools. Although, the middle school, and one of her other schools, Hamby Elementary no longer exist, Modica has been an important contributor to the community. Over the years, she volunteered for the Delaware Association for the Blind, serving on the Jr. Board at St. Francis Hospital and assisting students with their studies through tutoring.

Grace still drives and is quite proficient on her computer. One of her favorite past-times is to Facetime her far-away grandchildren and keep up with her fellow classmates on She is not a fan of Facebook but finds Foulk’s book club, happy hours, and various community activities a good way to engage with the new friends since coming to Foulk. It has also allowed her to maintain the many old friends who also live in the community. She is proud of her mastery of trivia and could probably give the contestants on Jeopardy a run for their money if she ever decided to go on the show; she certainly enjoys the mind-sharpening games with fellow residents.

A resident at Foulk Living since 2019, Modica has every intention of remaining in the community. “I love my cottage and the beautiful grounds surrounding it. But someday, I may decide to move into the main building to avoid winter completely. I certainly intend to stay at Foulk. The food is delicious, and mealtime is wonderfully social. With three meals a day and the numerous activities in our daily schedules, it is easy to make and maintain friends that make life here safe, enjoyable, and enriching.”