Director of Nursing at Millcroft Living in Newark, Delaware Possesses Exceptional Leadership Skills

June 06, 2024 | News | Reading Time 4:00 Minutes

Folarin Osundina

The name Folarin, which is of Yoruba origin, means ‘walking with glory’ or ‘working to achieve great things.’

Folarin Osundina personifies the meaning of the name. The Director of Nursing at Millcroft Living senior living community in Newark, Delaware, Folarin is a man of great achievement, leadership, integrity, and caring.

A native of Nigeria, Folarin immigrated to the U.S. in 2000 with the plan to attend medical school. Needing to provide for his family, he sought work that he could do while going to school.

For a short time, he worked as a home health aide. When he saw that the company that formerly owned what is now Millcroft Living was recruiting for a C.N.A. class, he was eager to participate. “And the rest is history,” Folarin said. “I completed my L.P.N. in 2003 and became an R.N. in 2015.”  He was promoted through the ranks, becoming the Director of Nursing in 2021. In that capacity he leads what he said is “the best team in the world to provide the best care to our residents.”

“I originally thought nursing was going to be a stepping stone to where I wanted to be, but I fell in love with it, and I have not looked back since,” he said, noting that he has been with Millcroft Living for 23 years.

Working in senior living, Folarin said, he is in love with “the stability it brings, where one can actually measure their contribution to the quality of life of another person. The fact that one is able to give another human being a sense of purpose and belonging as they adapt to a new lifestyle is something that is invaluable.”

Folarin said that Millcroft Living is benefitting from the leadership of Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company, which began managing  Millcroft Living almost three years ago.  He noted that renovations to the building have had a tremendous impact on the community. “They’ve provided more tools to make sure that success is achievable. The presence of clinical specialists is a tremendous help to the team. The involvement of LCS leadership in running this community has enhanced the morale of the employees.”

Describing himself, Folarin said, that he is goal-oriented and possesses great leadership and clinical skills. “I found out early in life that I can get people to do almost anything for me, probably because I’ll do anything within my power to help others. I don’t think that there is anything that is impossible; mountains are meant to be climbed. I do not give up easily,” he said, adding that he’s more of a listener than a talker. “I give my best to anything I’m committed to. I believe that problems are meant to be solved. I love people.”

The way Folarin spends his ‘free time’ further reflects the meaning of his name in terms of ‘walking with glory’.  In 2013, he attended a seminary and had leadership training to become a pastor. “I see it as another way to serve humanity,” he said. He is the pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Faith Chapel in Wilmington. “My church is into community service. Our focus is hunger relief in Wilmington. We provide food to needy families in the community and do coat drives in the winter season.”

“As an administrator, I can confidently say that Folarin Osundina is the backbone of our clinical team. His unwavering commitment to excellence in patient care, coupled with his exceptional leadership skills, elevates our facility to new heights,” said Kristopher Brown, Executive Director of Millcroft Living. “His tenure as Director of Nursing has been marked by countless achievements and milestones, all of which bear testimony to his relentless pursuit of excellence.”

Millcroft Living

Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood in Newark, Delaware, Millcroft Living is a full-service, rental, continuing care retirement community offering independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation. Millcroft is managed by Life Care Services®. For additional information, visit or call 302/204-1088.