Avid Chiefs Fan in Eagles Territory

February 09, 2023 | Blog | Reading Time 1:00 Minutes

Millcroft Living’s Interim Executive Director Sees Green

It was an enthusiastic, if not slightly territorial, welcome to Millcroft Living. The staff at the senior living community in Newark, Delaware, went to great lengths to let their new interim executive director, Peter Crane, know they’re happy he’s there. At the same time, they made it clear that he’s now in Eagles’ territory. The Kansas City resident, who is a diehard Chiefs fan, walked into his interim office to find it decorated with Eagles paraphernalia.

Kelsey Herbein, Millcroft’s healthcare social worker and Kelly Donavan, the healthcare life enrichment director were the masterminds behind the prank. “We have a great, fun-loving staff, and we enjoyed putting this together. He was amused when we surprised him with his new décor,” said Kelsey.

“As a serious Chiefs fan in Eagles country, it’s going to be an interesting Super Bowl for sure. Go, Chiefs!” said Kelly.