Socialization Makes Seniors Thrive

March 18, 2022 | Blog | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

Effective way to improve one’s well-being

Foulk Living’s engagement is abundant.

Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle knew this fact to be true, way back, Before the Common Era (BCE). “Man is, by nature, a social animal…”

As social creatures, humans’ connections with others are what have permitted us to survive and thrive.

The fact is that social interaction is, in truth, more of a necessity rather than only a preference. We might be able to exist, but we can’t really thrive going solo. Isolation, or the lack of social interaction, is detrimental to our health. The CDC calls loneliness, especially of seniors, a serious public health problem. It negatively impacts physical health, putting one at increased risk of dementia, stroke, obesity, heart failure, and more. It also has a detrimental effect on mental health, increasing the likelihood of anxiety, depression, and unhealthy habits.

This information is all very sobering. But there’s great news. Socialization is an effective way to improve one’s well-being. In fact, the American Public Health Association says that it’s among the most effective ways to improve mental health. And not only is it a pleasant way to change one’s life, but it’s also relatively easy.

Within our Newark geographic areas is the Newark Senior Center, a non-profit organization offering a variety of programs to older adults. Wilmington also has a Park District offering activities and events for individuals of all ages. These provide opportunities for meaningful interactions at scheduled programs.

At Foulk Living senior living community in Wilmington, you can’t help but be engaged from the minute you walk out into the hallway of your home and are greeted by friendly staff and neighbors. You’ll be offered an abundant selection of activities, programs, classes, and chances for social interaction. And you’ll receive our healthy, restaurant-style menus in a lovely dining room among friends.

You’ll have time to be alone when you want to, but you’ll never have to be.